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Why Doctors Should Buy Single Tenant Net Leased Properties

Written By: Patrick Moorton - Mar• 22•12

With changes to doctor compensation on the horizon due to health care reform it would be wise for doctors to start looking for investments that can produce reliable streams of income. Single Tenant Properties with long term leases to credit worthy tenants are perfect investments for doctors. A Triple Net Leased Property is ideal for a doctor because the tenant pays all maintenance, taxes, and insurance on the property. These properties require little or no management and will take a lot less time and effort than watching the stock market.

Purchasing a single tenant net leased property with a billion dollar national investment grade  tenant such as Walgreens, CVS, McDonald’s, Bank of America, or JP Morgan Chase can allow a doctor to pursuit leisure activities in his free time while still earning money. The goal is to purchase a property with 15 to 25 years remaining on the lease that will allow the doctor to build equity in the property as he moves closer to retirement. The conservative use of leverage should allow a doctor to purchase a property with a self amortizing loan that will pay off the property over the 15 to 25 year term of the lease. This will leave the doctor with a valuable property that is free and clear of debt that has been paid for through the long lease of the investment grade tenant.

Patrick Moorton is President of Income Realty Advisors Inc. Owner and operator of NNN1031Exchange.com, an online resource for investors buying and selling Single Tenant Net Leased Properties with Credit Tenants in Florida. For more information please visit http://www.NNN1031Exchange.com

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