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Net Leased Properties With Billion Dollar Tenants Can Create Reliable Income And Preserve Wealth

Imagine a Billion Dollar Company Paying You Every Month For 20 Years Single tenant net leased properties with credit tenants offer an investment that has real estate as collateral and a lease guarantee from a multi billion dollar company. The properties are vital to the operations of these billion dollar companies. If chosen carefully an […]

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Net Leased Property Heats Up As Investors Look For Reliable Cash Flow

Imagine what it would be like having a multi billion dollar company send you a check every month for 25 years. Wouldn’t it be amazing if companies like Walgreens, CVS, McDonalds, 7-Eleven, Bank of America, or JP Morgan Chase were sending you a check each and every month? Single Tenant Net Leased Properties with national […]

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Why Doctors Should Buy Single Tenant Net Leased Properties

With changes to doctor compensation on the horizon due to health care reform it would be wise for doctors to start looking for investments that can produce reliable streams of income. Single Tenant Properties with long term leases to credit worthy tenants are perfect investments for doctors. A Triple Net Leased Property is ideal for […]

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Net Leased Properties Can Provide Reliable Income for Retirement With Little or No Management

Net Leased Properties with National Credit Tenants can offer reliable income with the security of prime real estate as collateral. The current economic crisis has been very hard on some property owners. Increased vacancies and rent concessions sought out by tenants have lowered property values around the world. If you have been an owner of […]

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Deferring Gains with Seller Financing

Mid year1031 exchangers are once again looking at disposition resources and finding that net lease properties can be the right solution, especially with seller financing, effectively straddling two tax years.

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Net Leased Properties Are A Powerful Tool For Creating Wealth

The real estate market conditions over the past several years caused quite a few real estate developers and investors to lose a great deal of money. Even some of the most experienced and successful developers suffered financial difficulties.Wall Street investment bankers jumped into the market. They had easy access to capital they began overpaying for […]

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