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Alternative and Multiple Properties – Tax-Deferred Exchanges for Apartment Buildings

Many real estate investors know that capital gains taxes can be deferred with an exchange of property meeting the requirements of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. An exchange differs from a sale in that an exchange requires a transfer of property for property. A sale of property is a transfer of property for […]

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Diversified Net Lease Retail Portfolio Offered at $48,573,520

 A highly performing and geographically diverse portfolio of properties is now being offered for sale. The portfolio is made up of 16 properties in Major MSAs and includes tenants such as Bank of America,BB&T Bank,Capital One Bank,Walgreens,AT&T,CVS,Mimis Cafe,Taco Bell,Ryan’s,Dollar General, and Advanced Auto Parts. The portfoilio is offered free and clear of debt at a […]

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Vesting Title in a 1031 Exchange

In order to obtain the benefits of exchange treatment, the same person who started the exchange must complete the exchange. While this seems simple enough, the manner in which title to the “relinquished property” was vested may, due to a variety of circumstances, differ from the manner in which title to the “replacement property” must […]

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NNN 1031 Exchange

This Blog was created to provide investors with information about Single Tenant Net Leased Properties and Real Estate Exchanges as allowed under I.R.C. Section 1031. Each of these  are excellent tools for the creation of wealth but when used together they create a powerful method for both building and preserving wealth.

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Real Estate Exit Strategies

When interest rates rise and the real estate market starts turning “softer,” you may ask yourself the question “Do I want to continue owning real estate, or should I sell and consider other investment alternatives?” There are many wise investment alternatives, but the problem with selling real estate to get into them is that the […]

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About the 1031 Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions   [Q] Why do I need a Qualified Intermediary? [A] A Qualified Intermediary is necessary to create the exchange of properties required under Section 1031. First American Exchange simplifies the exchange process by accepting a transfer of your property, conveying it to a buyer, taking custody of the proceeds, buying the replacement […]

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Just the Basics: Tax-Deferred Exchanges Under I.R.C. § 1031

Tax Reductions Knowing some basic rules behind Internal Revenue Code 1031 can help investors defer paying capital gain tax on property dispositions, resulting in more money to invest in a property acquisition. Generally, any real or personal property can be exchanged, provided it is held “for productive use in a trade or business” or for […]

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